Solve Organisational Problems

at a Deeper Level

and Do the Work that Matters

Do any of these sound familiar?

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"We keep going around in circles, having the same conversations and seeing the same patterns of failure."

"Our leaders are stuck reacting to day-to-day issues and not working at the right level to execute on strategy."

"We need an environment where breakthrough innovation happens."

If your answer is 'Yes', it's a sign that something is out of sync in your organisation.

But what is out of sync, exactly?

It's Never Just One Thing!

This is your Sphere of Influence

To survive, you need to ensure nothing within your sphere weakens the whole system.
To thrive, you need to ensure everything within your sphere strengthens the whole system.
Sphere of Influence

It sounds like a lot, doesn't it? And it will be if you try and address issues at a surface level or in isolation.

However, if you can identify the right leverage points throughout the sphere, unlocking the full potential of your organisation becomes a lot faster, easier, and enduring.

Suddenly, small shifts produce big changes.

That's when transformation cascades throughout your organisation.

We bring the tools and expertise to identify those leverage points and empower you to get your business humming again.

...or as one client put it

"The business needed to change gears. Drop the baggage. Find the freedom to move. Build breathing space. Build the platform to shift performance. Create the mindset of a high-performing team to survive the economic conditions, because it's national and international on multiple fronts.

C4AT brought the experience and the tools to see things from a different angle and unpack the problem."

— COO, Primary Metals Industry

The Process

  • Initial Conversation: We begin with a candid discussion to understand your context and your challenges.

  • Draft Proposal: We provide you with a roadmap based on our initial discussion. Together, with you, we fine-tune next steps.

  • Deep-Dive Discovery: Using technical analysis and sense-making sessions with relevant teams, we hone in on the key leverage points.

  • Program Delivery: We work with you to implement transformation activities focused on key leverage points.

  • Refine & Evolve: We refine our approach through a cyclical process, strengthening your team's capability to take on complex challenges and deliver strategic outcomes.

Core Services for Organisations

Because no two businesses are the same, the combination of tools and activities is unique to each client.
Below you can see the depth and breadth of what we bring to the table.